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12 January 2017

Bla5er live this Friday on IconickDjs Show w/ @djbabyslimm @tjmakingmoves @aki_theradiogirl @djcreations

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Bla5er is an artist/writer that was born and raised in Lithonia, Georgia. An “80’s baby”, who was born into a musical oriented family and raised around every type of music genre.  From an early age his musical roots were planted from hearing his Grandfather, Bishop W.C. Harris who is a well-known local Civil Rights activist and one of the original Freedom Singers and one of the lead singers of, the 60’s R & B group, The Dynamics, sing his soulful often A Capello tunes to learning to play the drums without formal training in his Grandfathers church on Sundays. Bla5er would often “tag along” at the studio with his cousin Grammy Award winning writer and producer and Actor, Johnta Austin, who have written songs for Tyrese, Tupac, Beyoncé and Mariah Carey to name a few.  Bla5er would dream about one day being in the studio executing his music, now that dream has finally come true!
Inspired by early Hip Hop legends of the 80’s and ’90s and Early 2000, Bla5er rapped right along with his CD Player. He cultivated his Rap game in the neighborhood home of one of his homeboys where they made a makeshift “booth” where they would, rap, sing and burn the music onto CD’s.
At the age of 11 the most unimaginable tragedy struck Bla5er’s family when he witnessed the death of father drowning. On the day that his Father was taken so suddenly a void was left in his life that he tried to fill by turning to the street life, after a few twists and wrong turns, he has turned his life completely around, he has had sole custody of his son since he was six months old and continues to raise him as a single father.  It is through his music that Bla5er found peace and it filled the void left by the death of his father. This loss also set a fire in Bla5er to aspire to be one of the best in this game and leave a positive impact in the music world. Some of Bla5er’s musical influences in addition to his Grandfather are, his first cousin, Grammy award winning producer and songwriter, Johnta Austin, Hometown legends, T.I, Jezzy, and Jada Kiss, are all musical icons that he looks up to.
Currently about to release his break out single that he wrote, “I Got Dat Bag “and produced by Drumma Boy, he has already won Coast 2 Coast Live Artist showcase Atlanta Edition on 9/2016 and his music is available now for pre order on ITunes  and Amazon on 12/15/2016 and Officially released on 1/13/2017. Bla5ers promo tour will began January 10, 2017. Follow him on his social media and web site for schedules to of where he will perform on his Promo Tour being promoted by Drumma Boy and Smurf World Entertainment exclusively.
He is already in the studio working a larger project of his music and anticipate the release of a mixed tape in 2017.
Facebook: therealbla5er
Instagram: _bla5er
Twitter: _bla5er Web Site:
Contact Info:
Manager: Kenya Simmons [770] 241-6169/ [678] 458-1760 Email: and

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