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The Connect Radio Show is a weekly radio show that currently airs every Wednesday from 7 to 9pm, with an international audience. It’s broadcasted via internet radio at the Highly Unique Radio station located in Atlanta Georgia. Making its debut on the air July 17, 2014, The Connect Radio Show was Co-Hosted by Chucky2sox, with Co-Hosts 751Bklyn, and Satellite. Now currently joined by ATL_Ish & Hitting internet listeners by storm with an entertaining, and vibrant staff, The Connect Radio Show also spins a variety of music genres such as Reggae, R&B, and Hip-Hop. The Connect Radio Show provides up and coming as well as independent artists, actors, models, entertainers, and entrepreneurs a great opportunity for the ultimate exposure experience. Presented as a mere extension of “The Connect Incorporated”, The Connect Radio Show provides promotion packages suitable to accommodate anyone in pursuit of obtaining success. Working alongside “The Connect Magazine”, The Connect Radio Show not only provides a great opportunity for exposure on the air, but a spot in “The Connect Magazine” as well via what they’ve labeled as their “Magazine Press-Kit”. With well over 500,000 listeners and growing, The Connect Radio Show serves as one of the greatest sources to gain the level of exposure your striving to achieve.

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