Popular Demand Show w/ DJ Baby Slimm & ATL GA Clay

Monday 5-8PM | Tuesday 2-4PM

Popular demand radio show started in late 2014. Radio shows have been similar, plain, and redundant when it comes to spinning the same music. Popular demand radio show concept consists of giving what the audience wants, therefore putting it in popular demand. The show has a hip-hop debate which brings up current issues that are debated in today’s society. It contains a 7 songs in 7 cities countdown that highlights 7 major cities around the country giving light to local artists or just songs that are liked in these other markets. Indy artist of the week segment gives independent artist a showcase of up and coming talent that hasn’t gotten recognized by the typical radio show. Popular demand radio talks about all topics dealing with society, everyday life, music, hip-hop culture and topics that aren’t discussed by the average radio show. Topics that are really in popular demand but aren’t brought up by mainstream radio. Put all these things together and you have popular demand radio show with hosts Dj BabySlimm, Royalty Stamped and G.A. Clay who brings their thoughtful, yet funny opinions to the airwaves. We spin alot of independent artists music,but also mix it up with a lot new music that isn’t being played on the average radio station. But also spinning the classic hip-hop songs that bring back memories from back in the day. Popular demand radio show is on every Monday 5-8pm ans Tuesday 2-4pm Eastern Time and is sure to start off the work week right. Don’t miss out on the hottest Hip-hop Internet radio show based out of ATLANTA on HIGHLY UNIQUE RADIO 

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