Faded Radio Show w/ Chief, DF Eddie & DJ TurnUp

Tuesday 7-9pm

Dead Fresh Eddie aka the Flyest in the city is an emcee and Dj from 5th ward, on the Westside of Atlanta ga. Growing up he idolized atlanta radio legends Greg street, Ryan Cameron, and Frank Ski. He got his start in 2007 hosting/Dj’ing local teen clubs in East Atlanta with teenage friends and rap group “the yung trendsettas”.

In 2013 he started recording as a solo artist and released his first mixtape “Gone Fishin” in early 2015 and Gone Fishin 2 in early 2016. He joined the faded radio show on highly unique radio after meeting Dj Chief at a networking event in Atlanta and they have been kicking flavor ever since!

DF Eddie is a sneaker enthusiast, sports fanatic, and hip hop head.
@df_eddie on all social sites.

Devon aka DJ Turn Up is the DJ of Faded Radio. He doesn’t do much boasting & bragging, but when he’s on the 1s & 2s, you see the “Turn Up is real!” Music is always been in Devon’s blood even before he was born. Devon was born in Inglewood, California & his older relatives were big in the music industry back in the 90s. Fast forward to elementary school where he was in church choir. Fast forward even further moving to Georgia, going to middle school to join the band, & high school joined the marching band. After high school, he got a scholarship to South Carolina State University & in a little dorm house party right outside of SCSU campus, DJ Turn Up was born. When his freshman year came to a close, he went back to GA to venture off doing events around GA including nightclubs, cyphers, open mics, & much more. At an event many years later, he was recommended by a DJ/host DJ Jules to come do a show with him on his radio show on HIGHLY UNIQUE RADIO called the Take Off Show with him & his co-Host Jae Mieko. After being loved on the Take Off Show he was brought to do the show again & do other shows & mixes between shows. On one of those shows his mixes was heard by Chief who was hosting her own show called Faded Radio & asked if he could guest DJ a show.
& the rest is history……….

She is raw, real, and ready to take over whatever comes her way. Chief aka DJ Chief is the sole host of Faded Radio on Highly Unique Radio which airs every Tuesday 7-9pm. Chief was born and raised in Greenville, SC. After graduating high school in 2010, she attended Clark Atlanta University and fell in love with entertainment. While at CAU, she volunteered at CAU-TV with various postions such as anchoring and production which ultimately developed her love for broadcasting. After her freshman year she transferred to Coastal Carolina University located in Myrtle Beach, SC and from there created her platform. She joined her college radio station and became the business/marketing manager and host of her own show called One Trill Radio. Chief graduated from Coastal in December 2014 with a Bachelors degree in Communication with a minor in journalism and concentration in Public Relations.
Chief has experience in media, PR, and radio broadcasting and is currently living in Atlanta networking and chasing her dreams of becoming the next of mogul in entertainment.
Chief enjoys living life each day at a time and networking with others. Follow her social media pages. IG @theycallmechief twitter @cheif_eef and remember if you want to stay updated listen to Faded…

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