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16 September 2016



Jawbreaker “JB”


Jawbreaker JB is not your conventional Reggae dancehall artist. He has a distinct mix of cultures from Mo’Bay (Montego Bay, Jamaica) and Chi Town (Chicago, IL). Born in Chicago, IL, JB got his Jamaican Roots from his father who took him to Mo’ Bay when he was 3 years old. While there JB learned the music that inspires him and flows through his veins. “For me artists like Bob Marley, Capleton, Gregory Isaac, Shabba Ranks, and Sanchez, inspire the hottest lyrics. Everything they touch is different and unique.” Formerly known as Robbie G, Jawbreaker “JB” has mesmerized audiences with his multifaceted lyrics worldwide. He has been able to express his inner feelings, life experiences, and environmental circumstances that have conditioned him to value and respect music. His no profanity lyrics have set him apart from other artists, and he has established a unique style with a mixture of reggae and rap. Listening to his natural creative ability, JB stands above the rest.

In 2001, Kevin McNair, the editor of the Austin Weekly News Paper, featured Jawbreaker as an artist who is like no other. In 1982, JB got his first break at the YMCA on Chicago’s north side when a performer did not appear. It was there he launched his first large stage performance, and met a recording artist by the name of Mr. Lee. The two collaborated, recorded, and toured, and also received a billboard award. Receiving a gold plaque for hit singles from the album “Get Busy,” from which JB wrote the lyrics to “Pump That Body,” “I Like the Girls,” “Pump Up London,” and “I Can’t Forget.” JB has recorded and performed with some of music’s hottest talents such as; Alexander O’Neal (MN ’14), Nappy Heads (IL ’94), BuJu Bonton (Kingston, Jamaica ’93), Twin Hype (TX ’93), Snap (Europe ’93), Tribe Called Quest (IL ’89-92), Dirty Soc/D.S. P Deeez’e Production, Madd Flowz Productions, and more. Also worldwide venues such as; House of Blues (IL), Cotton Club (IL), Exodus (IL), The Note (IL), Club Fahrenheit (MN), Quest Night Club (MN), First Avenue Main Room (MN), Cabooze (MN), tours throughout London, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, and other U.S. Cities/Venues. “Music is a part of my Inner Soul. It gives me the opportunity to express a stronger inner vision of love, struggle, and knowledge.” -Jawbreaker “JB”

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Author: Ga Clay & Dj Babyslimm


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